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To say this is an honor would be an understatement. #satisfying @pdca_national @thisoldhouse
I spoke with Nick May for his Podcast! If you own a painting business and you don’t listen to this series of podcasts, you’re doing yourself a real disservice.
If you think you’ve done enough prep, you can probably do another 25%. What you put into this crucial step will reap rewards in the final finish. This project will be completed with hand-applied oil. #satisfying @pdca_national @thisoldhouse @3m @hirshfieldspaint ...
Another Economic Gardening Roundtable! I’ve never been more excited about my business—this is one smart group of people. @pdca_national @thisoldhouse
Out on a color consultation this early evening. 19 deer, give or take, out for dinner!
I spoke with Brandon Lewis of The Academy for Professional Painting Contractor’s about #apprenticeship. And we got specific! Why I choose people with no experience (my ‘decent human being’ test) and how quick I can turn out a productive craftsperson.
Business lunch with Toodles this afternoon. She says I need to show improvement in lead conversion with fine home builders by the end of Q1. I don’t disagree. #businesscoach #cupcake #aggressive
Killer gear arrived to day from Jeff DuPont and his company @soundpainting ! Really fine looking hat!
Man, my apprentices get spoiled. Back in the day I was lucky to get some homemade bread or some pickled fish on the jobsite. Now my clients lay out mini-buffets!
2018 is the year of systems. Minus a ladder and poles, this is the bulk of the gear for one-2 man crew. I told my guys I wanted us to reassemble an Army Special Forces Unit and not a bloated, ...
Found this on my phone:
#surferboy has been doing his own #askapainter shows! His wisdom in this episode: “a doesn’t (dozen) is twelve”. Love this dude. And he put on his need glasses for the show!
A special #askapainter show today: I’m on a lake from northern Minnesota and I’ll be talking to a painter from the #netherlands🇳🇱 !
It’s adventure time.....
@benjaminmoore #advance on walls?! Yup. I 🧡 Advance. @jmdellafave @thisoldhouse @painters.of.insta @pdca_national #enamel #enameledwalls

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