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Any Portuguese speaking people in the New Prague area? We need to talk! #portugese #translator #help!
Get a good night sleep tonight #apprentices! I’m filled to the brim with fantastic ideas for us from the @pdca_national Craftsmanship Forum. #constantimprovement #moveforward #beaggressive #perspective #noexcuses
Fellow Pro’s I need your help!
I’m creating my next Master’s Class ( this one on fine Residential new construction finishes). What’s your favorite drywall primer? Topcoat? I’ll be putting the most requested systems to the test over the next ...
Thank you to @maddogprimer for capturing this! It was a great time, and much knowledge was shared! @pdca_national @thisoldhouse @3m @acehardware
Breakfast before exploring!
That’s a wrap folks! Master’s Class was awesome. These are my people. @pdca_national @thisoldhouse @3m @minwaxusa @sherwinwilliams @benjaminmoore
Thank you to the apprentices for buckling down and seeing this one through!
Almost time for my Master’s Class..... @pdca_national @thisoldhouse
Eddy Gonzales, master wood finisher, helping us hone our craft. @pdca_national
@generalfinishes is here to talk about waterbased wood finishes!#education @pdca_national
The great @archiebartel from @sherwinwilliams addresses the group. He loves his job and it shows.
The nation’s preeminent window restorer is preaching! #bliss #satisfying @pdca_national

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