Painting and Restoration Co.

"I have found that many of the techniques used in historical
structures and furniture finishing translate quite easily to
many of the most common, modern applications."

Nick Slavik

We are not your typical painting or restoration company.

Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. is your premier painting contractor for New Prague and the surrounding area.

Looking to paint your kitchen cabinets? How about interior painting or commercial painting and restoration work?


Enjoying the look of my new Kitchen & Family Room! I will be using him again on my next project. Thanks Nick!

Tony Schmidt

New Prague
Nick is a consummate professional but also give personal attention. One needs to be flexible in scheduling, but it is always worth it. This is the only painter I would ever use. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it is true. Here is an example, we had hard wood floors put in and the flooring guy, unbeknownst to us, did not clean up all of the adhesive. Nick came in to paint, and put down his drop clothes, painted and left in the late evening. My spouse noticed new lint all over the floor and erroneously blamed Nick. He came over in a flash, helped us figure out the cause, and even though it was not his fault, stayed and helped to clean the floors by hand. His crew is as professional as he is and he supervises every detail. I have hired him twice and my extended family has too. He is the painter for us in the south metro.

Ruth Lindeman


Kathryn Knoer

New Prague
Absolutely amazing! Love how our house looks. The crew was so polite and respectful. A very professional company!

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Who knows of a charity deserving of some paint work? Each winter I look for 2-3 organizations that could use a bit of redecoration. Here’s the criteria:
1-must be in the New Prague and surrounding area
2-comment with a link, ...

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