We think about work differently!  We look for people who share our core values, our passion for Craftspersonship and our drive to innovate an industry.  We’re demanding, but supportive.  Here’s why we’re different:

  • We have a compensation package that starts you at $36/year and can be up to $60k plus benefits (health insurance, PTO, retirement) in 6 years.  
  • We practice the Decent Human Being Theory: we look for good people and give you all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
  • We personality test every person in this company so that we can learn about each other, communicate effectively and be world class leaders
  • Apprenticeship: We have a 2 week initial Apprenticeship Training Program in our training facility with our seasoned pro’s  
  • We pair you with one of our Craftspeople to continue your Apprenticeship for the next year.  
  • We have quarterly Goal Setting and Review Meetings with you personally to chart your progress and see to that you accomplish your goals.
  • Leadership Coaching: we offer all people in this business bi-weekly leadership coaching so that we can create our next generation of leaders.
  • The fun stuff:
    • Boss Lunches: we bring lunch to a crew each week on site
    • Happy Hours: we gather monthly to share a meal - family and friends are always welcome
    • Shop BBQ’s
    • Company Yacht Cruise: each summer we cruise lake minnetonka on a yacht!
    • Quarterly kickoffs: 4 times each year we gather to set common goals and share wins as a company
    • GSR’s: goal setting and review meetings are done with you individually to chart your progress and help you achieve your goals
    • Company Holiday party: this is the highlight of our social calendar each year!  Award ceremony, slide show, etc!