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Are you a Painter? Do you want benefits? Check out this post on my FB page to find out more. @pdca_national
Yay! It’s the first day of #spring! If you’re a #Minnesotan you know what that means: #mud! Luckily, I employ a whole pile of #decenthumanbeings. When one of the apprentices gets stuck, it’s the #QRF Quick Reaction Force to the ...
I hear tell there’s non freezing weather coming to Minnesota this week?! So work begins on refining my exterior SOP’s so we’re ready for the summer! @pdca_national @thisoldhouse @pro2protoh @wesmellgren @archiebartel
Fresh, deep grey enamel. This work for @collegecitydesignbuild. @thisoldhouse @pdca_national @the.moderncraftsman @pro2protoh
#SVT : Sand, Vac & Tack. Nothing more important than prep. @thisoldhouse @pdca_national @the.moderncraftsman @gripritebuildingproducts @festool_usa @festool @festooltalkgroup
This dude, Donnie of @brushed_monkey and @ninjaspaint, was in my neck of the woods and shined my for coffee today. Is there a nicer guy on the planet?! There’s Never a lack high level perspective coming from him. @pdca_national @thisoldhouse ...
Serious prep going on in this mud room! Perfect prep makes for fine finishes! @thisoldhouse @pdca_national @pro2protoh @the.moderncraftsman @gripritebuildingproducts
In all the talk of hybrid coatings like @benjaminmoore Advance and @sherwinwilliams Emerald Trim Urethane, this gem has been completely overlooked. If I remember correctly, I tried it when it was brand new almost 7-8 years ago?! And I’ve not ...
I’ve been inundated lately with questions about painting oak cabinetry. 2 decades of experience distilled into a few thoughts:
1. No enamel will fill the grain glass smooth Without extra steps
2. A really good enamel job will fill ...

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